Product Design and Development

At Marlin Tooling we pride ourselves on high quality product design and development. Working with you we will understand your needs and create the best fit solution. Once we understand what you would like we can use our extensive market knowledge to create a product to best fit your needs.
We manage the process to ensure the best outcome in a timely manner. You can be assured our clients are thrilled with not only the process but the outcomes.

Tool and Die Making 

We can create tooling to suit a wide range of industries and applications. Based on our vast experience we can help tailor the tool for the required application, from the highly complex to elegantly simple.

Spark Eroding

Spark Eroding is a manufacturing process that utilises electrical discharges (sparks) to create the required design or shapes. Spark Eroding cuts in pre-hardened steel without needing heat treatment to soften it, making it ideal for detailing hard metals.
For information on how we can use Spark Eroding talk to us today

General Engineering

We offer general engineering services to suit a wide range of projects, we can offer real world solutions to your engineering needs. We are able to integrate our engineering principals to assist in development, creating or scoping your next project. If you’re not sure who to talk to, then talk to us first.